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Pelican Communications has been in business since 1995. We repair all cell phones and we are a Boost Mobile authorized retailer.

We Repair All Makes And Models Of Cell Phones

If your phone has WATER DAMAGE: We can help! Take out the battery. Do not turn it back on before bringing it into us.
Powering up your phone when you have water damage may cause irreparable damage.
Pelican Communications provide same-day cell phone repairs, and in most cases, repairs are done in an hour or less. We have a great reputation for excellent customer service and highly trained technicians who provide quality cell phone repairs. Common repairs include Samsung screen repair, iPhone screen repair, iPhone and tablet screen repairs, charge port repair, and power issues.
Pelican Communications has over 15 years of experience and is certified and authorized for out-of-warranty cellular repairs for Motorola. Our shop carries a wide selection of cellular accessories, including batteries, chargers, Bluetooth headphones, and more. We are authorized cellular providers for Sprint/Nextel, Boost Mobile, and AT&T. Everything comes down to warranty. We are also authorized payment centers for Boost, NET 10,  and Sprint/Nextel. When you pay your bill at our stores, it posts immediately.

Boost Mobile

Pelican Communications is an authorized Boost Mobile retailer with Nationwide coverage with no roaming charges.  At Pelican communications, we have a wide selection of Boost Mobile phones such as Apple Iphones, Samsung Galaxy, LG, ZTE and many more.  
We also have free phones!  Please see a store associate for details.  


NET 10 Wireless

Pelican Communications offers Net 10 Wireless plans which has coverage on America's best networks.  Why wait? Get the phone you want today! We offer a large selection of Net 10 Phones; ask a store associate for details on free Net 10 phones. 
We also offer Page Plus Phones and Simple Mobile phones.  


• We Buy, Sale, and Trade cell phones.
• We pay top dollar for used cell phones.
• If you have an old phone bring it into Pelican Communications.
Don't get suckered into buying an expensive brand-new phone! Come see us and let us bring your device back to life! We will fix your broken iPhones and Samsung phones the same day! iPad, iPod or tablet? No problem! Don't spend money on your insurance deductible just to get a refurbished phone. Check with us and we will fix your phone to be like new! In most cases, we are less expensive than your deductible!
Warranty: We guarantee that the part we install will operate perfectly and our workmanship putting it together will be as good or better than the factory assembly. There is no time limit; for as long as you own the device, we'll proudly stand behind the work we've done.
What we CAN'T guarantee is what happens to the phone after it leaves our care. We're sure you understand: If a glass screen hits the ground, it's probably going to break; we can't fix re-breaks for free. This also applies to water damage and third-party tampering. If someone else opens the phone up and starts poking around, they could make a mistake and cause new problems.
If you ever notice something wrong with our repair, just bring it back as quickly as possible so we can do whatever it takes to make it right.


we repair the following phones
For your convenience, you can pay your Boost Mobile and NET 10 Wireless bills at Pelican Communications.