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Pelican Communications was started in 1995 as Pelican Page.

About Us

We were a full service paging business. It was started by Angel Sharp. It then evolved into a full service cell phone  and cell phone repair store. We were the first place in Baton Rouge to repair cell phones and were authorized with Motorola and Nokia. Remember the old Star Tac Phone? We sold and repaired a many of those! How about a real blast from the past a phone that was almost as popular as the iPhone. The Razor! Yes we even still have some of these old phones as keepsakes. We love Baton Rouge and are so grateful for the experience to have been in business selling and repairing phones for over 21 years now. Thank you Baton Rouge! We pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship , excellent customer service and OEM parts.At Pelican Communications we strive for excellence and our customers mean everything to us! 

When It Comes To Cellular

We Do It All